1st International

Conference on 



Berlin School of Business and Innovation GmbH 

Alte Post · Karl-Marx-Straße

97-99 · 12043

Berlin Germany

24 June 2023 | Saturday

09:30 AM to 04:00 PM CEST

BSBI Berlin Campus

Alte Post, Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin, Germany

Be part of the cutting-edge discussion on artificial intelligence and its transformative applications. 

With the theme "AI for Sustainable e-governance and Business Intelligence," witness firsthand the latest advancements in AI and gain insights that can shape the future of industries worldwide at BSBI’s 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 

Connect virtually with a diverse community of professionals, experts, academics, and passionate students from renowned institutions. Expand your network, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and forge valuable collaborations that can accelerate innovation and drive positive change.

  • Ethics in AI
  • Intersection of Human Learning, Machine Learning and IOT
  • Data-centric Computer Vision and AI
  • AI Engineering
  • Data Science and Data Annotation
  • Cybersecurity in Machine Learning and AI
  • Industrial Automation Over Robotics
  • Data and Information Processing Techniques

About the Event

  • Optimal e-governance Model and Applications
  • Fusion and Computational Intelligence 
  • Design for Optimising e-business
  • Sustainability and AI Use Cases
  • Business Dynamics and Big Data Analytics
  • Health Care Automation Using ML and AI
  • Cloud-Based Applications for ML
  • AI in Supply Chain Management

AI for Sustainable e-governance and 

Business Intelligence

Georg Olowson

Data & AI Sales & Partnerships | IBM

Uncover AI's influence in education

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Thematic Units

Theme 2: AI, Human-Machine Learning

Theme 1: AI Applications in Sustainable e-governance and Business Intelligence

Meet the Keynote Guest Speakers

Meet the Keynote Guest Speakers

Rupert Steffner

CEO & Founder | Wunder AI

Vitek Goyel

Managing Director | Kompetek Interaktiv GmbH

Dr. Ivan Tankoyeu

Chief Data Officer | AI Superior GmbH

Ari Font

Former Director for AI & Ethics | Twitter

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